About Me


Hi there. So, you have found what you wanted to purchase and you have discovered products you didn’t realise you needed and now you’re wondering about the person who comes up with these beautiful, handmade cards. 

It’s me! My names is Simone, I’ve been crafting my whole life and I just love it!  I remember making those awful macaroni calendars for my mum in infant school and the leaky clay mug I made my dad in secondary school.  I studies Art and Design in collage, but like most people, the need earn money took me away from my love of arts and crafts.  So, for many years, I worked in Administration.

Then, about 10 years ago, I discovered card making on a new television channel called ‘Create and Craft’.  My first card was for my mum for Mother’s day. I look back at it now and cringe. Yet mum refuses to get rid of it.  My skills have improved and grown a lot since then. So have the products and materials available to home crafters.

Skip forward about seven years. My story takes a turn for the worst. I was very happy working as a Community Development Manager for a small charity, doing big things in Lewisham, South East London.  I supported individuals to swap their skills to support each other.  Many have learning and/ or physical disabilities.  And… I have started several local craft groups and a Food Cycle project.  Then I collapse in the street, whilst walking to work, one morning.  I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but that does not cause collapse, so this is a real shock.

Diagnosis takes a few months but eventually I am diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  A Bone marrow cancer, normally affecting older men.  I am a woman, in her 30s.  Overnight, my entire life changes.  There is no cure for Myeloma and being so unstable means that I must give up the job I love.  A few months later lightning strikes again, and doctors realise that I also have Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a blood cancer.  This is why I keep collapsing.  Now I also need a bone marrow transplant.

I start chemotherapy and have fortnightly blood transfusions to keep me alive.  But cancer isn’t all I am.  It has now been over 3 years and I’m still in treatment.  But I also have a great family, amazing friends and a continued love of life and crafts. 

So now I’m sharing my passion with you.  Making and selling the ideas in my head so that you can also enjoy them.  I intend to add new lines and products as I come up with new ideas. 

If you want to know more about my story, follow me on social media and message me.  I love hearing from customers and will respond as soon as I can.